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Experts Are Saying We're Moving Away From The Mainstream Social Media

Remember when posting on Instagram was the coolest thing? Now, it's being called "cringe." People, especially the young ones, aren't using it like they used to. Twitter also saw a bit of chaos after Elon Musk took over, leading to a migration of users to different platforms like Mastodon and Substack. Even Tumblr's making a comeback.

So, where does that leave us? Some say TikTok is the go-to now, but not everyone's into it. And other platforms like BeReal have their quirks but may not be the perfect fit. It's like we're all online, but the struggle is real to find the right spot.

Experts are saying we're moving away from the mainstream social media of the 2010s. People are exploring more niche platforms like Twitch, Discord, and VR. It's a shift back to the unique online experiences we had before everything got kinda uniform.

But hold up, the big players like Twitter and Instagram might not be dead-dead. They're just evolving. People still use Facebook, not for the wild stuff but for everyday things like planning events and sharing pics.

Here's the twist: ethical concerns are changing the game. Trust in social media has taken a hit, especially with Meta-owned platforms. We're becoming more careful about what we share and where.

Some folks are even thinking the future might be a bit more offline. Not completely, but our online lives could get richer and more personal. Like the good ol' days when influencers were just cool individuals.

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