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Half Of Social Media Users Don't Trust The Current Social Media Market

Have you ever felt like social media companies are playing fast and loose with your privacy? Well, turns out you're not alone. A recent survey spilled the tea on how over half of social media users (that's a whopping 54%) don't really trust these platforms.

This digital trust survey by Callsign pointed out that people are side-eyeing social media because, you guessed it, they're worried about their privacy. But wait, the trust issues don't stop there. About 51% of folks are skeptical about mobile networks securing their data, and 45% aren't giving banks a gold star in the privacy and security department.

38% of users are so done with the shadiness that they think showing some proof of identity should be a requirement before anyone gets access to a social media platform,

And about 46% said they'd stop trusting a company if scammers used its name.

The survey's flashing a red warning light for social media giants. A solid 40% believe it's on these platforms to shield users from scams and cyber attacks. While personal responsibility matters, users just want a basic level of security.

Bottom line? Social media platforms need a serious makeover in the trust department. Diversifying and targeting different crowds might work for a while, but to stay in the game, they gotta step up their privacy game. After all, who doesn't want their data to be treated like the VIP it is?

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