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Social Media World Today - Zuckerberg and Beauty Filters

So Mark Zuckerberg, the guy behind Meta, has been accused of rejecting some ideas to make Instagram and Facebook safer for teens. It's all part of an ongoing lawsuit against the company, and some stuff has come out that I think it's important to know what's going on in the world of Social Media.

Imagine this scenario: Mark Zuckerberg personally rejected a proposal in 2019 that aimed to eliminate those 'beauty filters' on Instagram, the ones that give your selfies a polished look. The argument behind the proposal was that these filters mess with teens' minds by promoting unrealistic body image ideals. Despite the push from top executives like Instagram's Karina Newton to ditch the filters, Zuckerberg claimed there was a 'demand' for them and 'no data' proving harm.

Now, fast forward to 2021. Nick Clegg, a big shot at Meta, suggested Zuckerberg invest more in user well-being, just before Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen dropped the bomb that Instagram might be harming teens. But Zuckerberg didn't spill much about Clegg's idea, and the CFO blamed staffing issues for not making it happen.

From our point of view, Zuckerberg seems to be all about data. He wanted 'causal data' to prove how certain features affect users' self-perception, making it tricky to address well-being concerns. Some think this might mess with teenagers' heads, with notifications for likes and comments keeping them hooked.

Now, here's the twist: tech advocacy groups are side-eyeing Zuckerberg. They're not pleased with how he's managing user safety and well-being.

This lawsuit and the leaked communications reveal that the big shots at Meta don't always see eye to eye, even when it comes to taking care of their users.

Of course with us in Socialode, our goal is only for the users because...well, we are one. We're building Socialode because the world of social media has become nothing more than a competition. Our data's goal is only for you to connect with a real friend based on your interest that YOU decide. No beauty filters, no magical illusions, just you and your interests.

It's crucial to maintain an ongoing conversation about how social media impacts our well-being and to keep you informed about our actions, in order to prevent us from becoming the problem.

As Always,

You Just Need To Be You


The Socialode Team


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